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Flu drug available from UK sites

Pharmacies and supermarkets across the UK are just some of the places designated as collection points for those needing courses of the drug Tamiflu.

Among the hundreds of places dispensing medicine to the "flu friends" of patients are Lloyds Pharmacy, Asda Pharmacy, Boots hospitals and NHS walk-in centres.

Doctors will issue a number code to people who receive a diagnosis of swine flu, which can be used by flu friends - along with some form of identification from the patient - to obtain the drug.

The government's National Flu Pandemic Service for England also includes a website and dedicated telephone helpline staffed by more than 1,500 call centre staff and capable of answering more than 200,000 calls a day - or more than a million calls a week.

An online service also gives patients worried about having swine flu the chance to receive a diagnosis just by answering a questionnaire on issues such as medical history and symptoms.

More serious cases such as pregnant women, people with health conditions and very young children will still be referred to GPs.

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National Flu Pandemic Service for England