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Forged documents net woman £95K of NHS money

A nursing student who used forged identity papers to secure NHS jobs and an NHS-sponsored university place has received a six-month suspended jail sentence after being investigated by NHS Protect (Inner London Crown Court, Wednesday 19 October).

Mojisola Madandola, 44, of Vicarage Road, Stratford, London, did not have leave to remain in the UK or the right to work. She produced two different forged passports to obtain NHS employment with what is now NHS Outer North East London (formerly Havering Primary Care Trust), and nurse training at London South Bank University (LSBU), funded by NHS London.

Under the employer-sponsored scheme, Madandola continued to receive her salary while studying. She was paid £95,498.80 gross from April 2005 to March 2011, while her tuition fees cost NHS London a further £20,722.50.

She faced five charges in relation to false applications to the NHS Trust and LSBU, the production of two forged passports and the possession of a blank counterfeit birth certificate. She pleaded guilty to three counts and the court left two to remain on file.

Madandola began working for the NHS in February 2002 as a healthcare assistant. To support her application she produced a Nigerian passport bearing a purported Home Office stamp which granted her indefinite leave to remain in the UK. The passport also bore a Heathrow immigration officer's stamp, dated August 1997. Both stamps were found to be false by the NHS Protect investigation.

In her application to LSBU, Madandola stated that she was Nigerian and had been granted indefinite leave to remain. She produced a second passport bearing an indefinite leave visa. Investigators checked it with the UK Border Agency and it was confirmed to be false, with a serial number belonging to a genuine document issued to another person in 1994.

Madandola had made an application back in 2003 for indefinite leave to remain in the UK as the spouse of a settled person, which was refused in 2006, a decision upheld after she appealed.

She was arrested by police, accompanied by NHS Protect investigators, on a work placement shift at Whipps Cross Hospital, London. A search of her home uncovered various documents including the blank, counterfeit UK birth certificate.

On 8 July 2011 she was summarily dismissed by NHS Outer North East London.

Mick Hayes, Anti-Fraud Lead at NHS Protect, said today: "Had it been known that Madandola never had valid leave to enter or remain in the UK, then she would not have been eligible to take up employment within the NHS, a place at LSBU or to receive NHS funding for tuition fees or salary support. She may have deprived a genuinely eligible student from taking up a university place and serving the NHS."

NHS Protect

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"How on earth can someone so crooked be a nurse? This individual should have served a custodial sentence as this would then send the correct message to anyone else chancing their arm in this way" - Rita Ogden, West Yorkshire

"Helen A. What punishment? She stuck two fingers up at the system and got away with it. I have been working in the NHS for over 30yrs and have to have my credentials checked annually and CRB every 3 yrs, how on earth did this woman slip through the net?" - Marie, Lancs

"Why, oh why does the system allow people like this to enter the UK job system without verifying who they are and what their background is? With someone who can verify these details in their country of origin? Is there no way of informing the job market generally about these people so that there is a base which can be searched for potential workers anywhere in the UK. What about fingerprinting all foreigners for passports? Surely that would also be of help in finding these people?" - Mabel Farr, N Ireland

"Six months suspended? She's committed fraud, obtained money under false pretences, been caught in possession of forged documents, been proven an illegal immigrant! Why isn't she being deported or put in prison? What's happened to the justice system here?" - David, Cheshire

"Sigh!! We're giving away money hand over fist in this country. You need to view potential foreign applicants for any job with suspicion. Best to be on the safe side?" - Barbara, Aberdeen

"This is a job well done for the investigator department, l wish more of those type of people will be arrested everyday, she deserved what ever punishment she gets, for others to learn from her" - Helen Abosede, London