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FSA to launch saturated fat campaign

A new Food Standards Agency (FSA) programme was launched yesterday to help people in the UK reduce the amount of saturated fat they eat.

It is estimated that by reducing population intakes of saturated fat from 13.3% to below 11%, some 3,5000 deaths could be prevented each year.

Head of Nutrition at the Food Standards Agency Rosemary Hignett said: “Reducing our intakes of saturated fat is a major challenge but would have clear important health benefits.

“We aim to work with industry on reducing saturated fat and added sugar levels in foods, reducing portion sizes and providing clear information to customers, including honest nutritional information on labels.”

The programme will focus on building partnerships with the food industry to encourage food groups t be reformulated to reduce their saturated fat and sugar content.

The FSA also hopes to create smaller portions sizes, a larger range of healthier options, and increase consumer awareness activity to encourage people to chose a healthy diet.

The Agency's work on saturated fat will complement its ongoing work into reducing salt and trans fatty acids in UK diets.