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Fulfilling life "possible with dementia"

A good quality of life for a lengthy period after a diagnosis of dementia is possible, a report by the Alzheimer's Society says.

The study set out to establish what was important for sufferers of dementia in terms of maintaining a good quality of life. There is a view among many members of the general public that people who have Alzheimer's lose the ability to lead a full life, but this is not the case, the report said.

Maintaining meaningful relationships with relatives and friends, and having someone to talk to rank among the most important factors, sufferers said.

A good environment, such as being at home, was the next most important thing, followed by maintaining physical health.

Keeping a sense of humour came next, followed by having the ability to communicate with people - even if it took longer than normal - and keeping a sense of personal identity.

The ability to keep up activities that have long been enjoyed came next, followed by the ability to still go to church or practice faith or religion.

The report said: "The ability to lead a fulfilled life doesn't stop on diagnosis. A good quality of life can be maintained."

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