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Further nurse pay strikes announced

Nurses and other healthcare workers will continue strike action next week on 24 November. 

The strike action will start with a four-hour stoppage from 7-11am on 24 November and will be followed by RCM members refusing to work unpaid overtime and taking all entitled breaks until the 28 November. 

The strike follows yesterday's announcement of an agreement on NHS pay with the Welsh government. The Scottish government has also paid the PRB recommended 1% in full.

During the initial strike in October thousands of nurses, midwives and other healthcare workers took part in the strikes. It was the first time the Royal College of Midwives took part in a strike for over 133 years. 

Unions such as Unite, Unison and GMB will also be taking action next week. Contingency plans have been implemented so that essential services can still take place so as not to put patients lives at risk.  

In a document to NHS employers Unite states that their members “will always put patient safety first, and therefore proper emergency cover will be provided.

“However we will not tolerate employers demanding additional cover for any non- emergency work. The traditional Christmas day cover provides simple guidance. Members will not put lives at risk however we recognise their rights to take lawful strike action.”

Royal College of Midwives chief executive Cathy Warwick placed emphasis on the importance of patient care during periods of industrial action. She said: “As before in every area our local representatives have worked with hospitals to ensure safe services will be available to women in need of urgent care, such as those in labour.

“Our dispute is not with the women for whom midwives care, it is with employers telling midwives they are not worth a 1% pay rise.”