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Future Forum to focus on four new areas of care

The government today announced that the NHS Future Forum, led by GP Professor Steve Field, will focus on four new areas:

  • Education and training: how to make sure there are the right incentives and accountabilities for developing the NHS workforce to deliver world-class healthcare
  • Information: how information can be made to improve health, care and wellbeing
  • Integrated care: how to take advantage of the health and care modernisation programme to ensure services are better integrated around people's needs
  • Public health: how to ensure the public's health remains at the heart of the NHS.

Chair of the independent NHS Future Forum, Professor Steve Field, said: "If we want the health and care system to change and meet the challenges of the future, then it is essential that we make sure that the thoughts and concerns of clinicians and, importantly, patients and service users, are listened to.

"With a broader membership across health and social care and a defined focus, I believe the NHS Future Forum will stimulate important debate on issues that really matter to people."

The independent NHS Future Forum will report back to Ministers later this year.

Commenting on the announcement, Foundation Trust Network Chief Executive Sue Slipman said:
"In the NHS of the future, foundation trusts, which make up the majority of public providers in the NHS, will need the freedom to lead the reconfiguration of their services, changing and shaping them so that they deliver the best possible care. This should create seamless care for patients and improved outcomes as well as meeting challenging efficiency targets.
"For example, moving services out into the community, and delivering care in non-hospital settings are important to help NHS providers manage the demand for services, which is critical to the sustainability of our healthcare system. However the money put aside to support these initiatives must actually reach the frontline.
"It is also important for all the different commissioners of care to work with providers to get the best value from limited resources. A flexible workforce will be central to delivering better care more productively. It is important that providers can work with clinicians to get resources where they are needed to deliver services for patients."