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German doctor death inquest begins

The inquest into the death of a man who died after being treated by a German doctor on his first shift in the UK has opened.

David Gray, 70, from Manea in Cambridgeshire - who suffered kidney stones - was given a fatal dose of diamorphine by locum Dr Daniel Ubani.

Dr Ubani injected Mr Gray with 100 mg of the drug - 10 times the maximum recommended dose - after visiting the patient in his home on 16 February 2008, a spokesman for Anthony Collins Solicitors said.

Mr Gray's partner had called an out-of-hours medical service, which had sent 66-year-old Dr Ubani, the family's lawyer added.

Dr Ubani was charged with death by negligence at a court in Witten in Germany. He was given a nine-month suspended sentence and ordered to pay 5,000 euros in costs, the spokesman added.

The inquest at Wisbech Coroner's Court in Cambridgeshire is expected to continue to 4 February.

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"No the sentence is a disgrace! is that the price of a life? This doctor's practice was substandard, this should have been assessed prior to him being employed in the UK. When will the health service realise that foreign nationals should be assessed for their clinical practice prior to taking up active duty? Although there are excellent medical staff employed form many countries within the health service, I feel there is also a
fraction whose standard of practice may be below UK level" - Eileen McConnell, Lisburn