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The Get StartED toolkit

The British Association of Urological Nurses (BAUN) recently launched new guidance for nurses in primary and secondary care to help them set up erectile dysfunction (ED) clinics. There has never been a greater need for a resource like the Get StartED Toolkit, which has been produced with the SortED in 10 campaign and the Primary Care Erectile Dysfunction Society (PCEDS) to assist primary and secondary care nurses in the identification and treatment of men with ED.

Anne Storey, chair of the Andrology Section of BAUN, explains: "Erectile dysfunction intrudes on the lives of millions of men and their partners. One in two men experience ED at some time in their lives, which is forecast to increase with an ageing population. It is vital that nurses in both primary and secondary care have access to the Get StartED Toolkit to help them initiate a discussion with their patients about erectile difficulties and realise the requirements necessary to establish ED clinics to improve the quality of life for men who suffer from this common condition."

The Get StartED Toolkit offers comprehensive advice and all the tools and templates required to set up an ED clinic once training and education is completed. The Toolkits are available in primary and secondary care versions and both are free from the SortED in 10 website -