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Giving nurses a moment of recognition

A global campaign has been launched to give nurses some recognition for great work they do, day in day out.
All you have to do is upload a photo to the online gallery, either by Facebook ( or via the online hub (

From this evening, 2,500 pictures will be projected every night for the next week onto landmark buildings around the world including; London, Paris, Singapore, Warsaw etc.
If selected, you'll get an email confirming the exact date and time of your projection. It's a global campaign so there will be people who won't be able to see their projection in person. But don't worry. Each projection will be streamed live on YouTube (again you'll receive the link via an email) and you'll get a photo of your image being projected onto these landmark buildings.
The project is particularly keen to get nurses like you involved in uploading photos. If you want to upload photos of your entire team, then great! Perhaps you'd like have a photo taken in front of your workplace and send that in - the possibilities are endless!

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