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Gluten allergy branded hardest to live with

A gluten allergy has been deemed the hardest to live with, after a survey of 1,300 people living with an allergy or intolerance.

Nurses should be aware that the top five allergies or intolerances that are hardest to live with were gluten (26%), dairy (23%), nuts (18%), eggs (12%) and lactose (9%).

There are 14 million Brits living with a gluten allergy, the latest YouGov research revealed.

The recent introduction of the EU's Food Information Regulation rules has seen many restaurants adapting their menus to show allergen labelling to help customers however the research, from Udo's Chloice, also revealed that the top struggle for those with IBS is eating out in a restaurant (32%).

The other two top struggles were going on holiday/abroad (25%), and eating out at a friends house (19%).

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) advises that patients with IBS should try to eat regular meals; take time to eat without rushing; not skip meals or leave long gaps between eating.

In terms of drinks, they advise that patients should drink at least eight cups of fluid (preferably water or non-caffeinated drinks) per day; avoid having more than three cups of tea or coffee; and limit their intake of fizzy drinks and alcohol.