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Government clampdown on 'legal' highs

A national campaign has been launched to warn teenagers and young adults away from new psychoactive substances (NPS). 

Radio, digital and mobile phone adverts will be targeted towards people aged 15 to 21, to warn them about the risks of the drugs. 

In 2013/14, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) was the second most popular drug among young adults, more widely used than powder cocaine, ecstasy and amphetamines. 

Nitrous oxide is sold in canister and can cause suffocation. 

The campaign will direct young people to the FRANK website for help, information or advice about drugs. 

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said: “Some of these substances are proven to be more dangerous than illegal drugs and it is vital that young people are informed about the risks associated with their use. 

“This summer's Home Office campaign is part of a wide range of action taken by the government to clamp down on so-called 'legal' highs, including banning more than 350 substances.”