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Government increases dementia research funding

The government has promised increased funding and an accelerated push towards developing new dementia drugs. 

Speaking at a summit in London, Prime Minister David Cameron said a "big bold push" is needed to defeat dementia. 

The audience of 300 dementia experts have pledged to find a cure by 2025. And a team of experts will report back to Cameron by October with ideas on how drug companies can be encouraged to develop new medicines for dementia. 

The Prime Minister said that dementia should be treated as an illness "rather than as some natural part of ageing". 

He said: "Something like £50 million a year is being spent on dementia research, rather than the £590 million spent on cancer. It is important to see dementia as a disease and one that we need to better understand so that we can tackle it.

"So much of this is about making sure hospitals and care homes treat people with dementia better and, absolutely crucially, that we build dementia-friendly communities where all of us try and understand better what it's like to live with dementia." 

Alzheimer's Research UK also announced a £100 million research campaign, and the Medical Research Council said it is undertaking the world's biggest study into dementia, involving two million people.