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Government must boost nurses morale, says RCN

Staff morale must be “at the forefront of the next Government's agenda” says head of the Royal College of Nursing, Dr Peter Carter.

Carter made the comments following the publication of The King's Funds latest quarterly monitoring report published this month.

It showed that for the third consecutive quarter nearly half of finance directors (45%) identified staff morale as one of their top concerns.

Carter says: “Too many committed staff are feeling demoralised and defeated, leaving them at risk of burn-out and jeopardising the quality of patient care.

 “The NHS is being held together by its staff, and they cannot run on empty forever, morale plummeting year on year. It is not just the balance books that will feel the effects of this turmoil, it is patients who need the NHS to offer the best treatment, fast.   

“It will take real leadership from the next government and those in charge of the NHS to preserve, maintain and develop the NHS for the long term.”