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Government promises boost to health visitor numbers

The Prime Minister has pledged to increase the number of health visitors as part of a scheme to improve family life in England. 

Speaking at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) yesterday, David Cameron said that helping families stay together is about “understanding the moments that put extra pressure on relationships”. 

Cameron said: “Health visitors are amazing because when you're having a baby you want someone who can point you to the advice you need - anything from the nearest crèche to how to breastfeed.

The government has pledged to increase the numbers of health visitors by 4,200 in England. 

Health visitors will also be educated to support not just mother and child but the whole family. 

The government is in the process of creating guidance which will help health visitors identify and support families dealing with relationship problems. 

Cameron's speech also removed barriers for adoption, and broadened the remit for interventions for troubled families.

All new decisions passed in government will now be scrutinised for their effect on the family, Cameron said. 

“We can't go on having government taking decisions which ignore the impact on the gamily. Together we will strengthen and support family life in Britain for our children and for generations to come.”