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Government warning over pay offer

A pay offer to health workers could be staggered or even reduced if a three-year deal is not accepted, the government has warned.

An increase worth 8.1% has been proposed for over a million NHS staff ranging from nurses to hospital porters.

The move follows a row last year when the government decided to stage a 2.5% increase, reducing the value of the award.

The health department has written to unions saying the government reserved the right to stage or even reduce the pay offer if it is not accepted.

The move was disclosed by Unison health officer Mike Jackson when he explained the three-year deal to the union's health workers' conference in Manchester.

Mr Jackson said the proposed deal, worth 2.75% this year followed by rises of 2.4% and 2.25%, plus extra for the lowest paid staff, was the best that can be achieved through negotiations.

He told the 1,200 delegates that the union would have to be prepared to take "effective" industrial action to stand any chance of an improved offer.

Unison's head of health Karen Jennings said there were "huge risks" in accepting a long term deal but she described the offer as "balanced."


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"I want to know why pay increases are now percentages   2.25% percent of not a lot is not a lot. If I was earning a high wage, 2.5% would be plenty. Thank you very much." - Janette  Drury, West Bromwich

"It's not ideal, and if staged would be worse. The cost of living is higher and all other prices rise greater that the inc to be given. I have worked for the NHS for 40 years and still feel my salary does not reflect the experience and knowledge I have." - Janet Walker, Hove, East Sussex