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GP nurse appointed as CCG chair

Tracy Williams, a nurse practitioner in Norwich, has been elected chair of Norwich clinical commissioning group, starting her role yesterday.

Williams is lead nurse at CityReach, the Norwich-based service for local marginalised and is a nurse practitioner at Gurney Surgery in Norwich. She was also part of the clinical team that helped launch the CCG and has been a member of the governing body since its inception in April 2012.

She was awarded the Queen Mother Award for Outstanding Service from the Queen's Nursing Institute in 2013, for exceptional service to patients and the profession, over and above the call of duty.

Discussing her new role, the nurse said: “I am extremely honoured to have the support of the governing body, CCG colleagues and our member practices to take on the role as chair. Norwich CCG in partnership with our practices has focused on improving the population of Norwich's health and wellbeing through affordable, integrated, individualised high quality health and care."

Similarly the outgoing chair, Dr Chris Price, who is retiring, said: “Tracy's commitment to tackling inequalities and addressing the key determinants of health is an ideal grounding for the role of chair of Norwich CCG."

He added: “Her appointment after three years as a Governing Body member ensures continuity in the leadership of the CCG. I am confident that the CCG is in very good hands as it prepares for some big challenges in the coming years."