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GPs to continue dispensing drugs

Surgeries which dispense medicines in England will see no change to the current arrangements.

Fears had been raised about the future of GP surgeries which dispense drugs, but health minister Phil Hope has told MPs that doctors would continue to be allowed to dispense due to the strength of responses to the consultation on pharmaceutical provision in England.

At Commons question time, Mr Hope said: "I'm pleased to announce that there will be no change to the current arrangements for GPs dispensing medicines to their patients."

The NHS Confederation's primary care trust network Director, David Stout, said he could understand why there was strong public support to allow doctors to continue dispensing drugs in areas where there was no easy access to a pharmacy.

But he warned he had reservations about dispensing in surgeries because there was not the same degree of regulatory scrutiny as at a pharmacy.

He added that surgeries lacked the skills provided by a properly trained pharmacist.

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"Being a dispensing rural GP, I am very happy that the government has dropped the proposed changes. I am very worried by the comments from David Stout, as for someone with the title of primary care trust network director, it shows a very poor and limited understanding of GP dispensing" – Julian Povey, Shropshire