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GPs want osteoporosis included on QOF

Some three quarter of GPs feel that correctly identifying first osteoporotic fractures could help avoid painful and debilitating secondary fractures, a survey shows.

One in three women will suffer a fracture due to osteoporosis in her lifetime and once a patient experiences a fracture they are three times more likely to experience another.

Dr Alun Cooper, an expert in osteoporosis, said: “There are around three million people in the UK who have or are at high risk of osteoporosis but are receiving suboptimal care, despite national guidance on prevention.”

The survey shows that 72% of GPs believed that including osteoporosis on the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF) would lead to improvements in osteoporosis services in the UK.

Dr Cooper added: “A systematic, incentive and driven approach through inclusion of osteoporosis on the QOF is the only way to improve the diagnosis and treatment of our patients who are at risk of fragility fractures.”

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