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Grapefruit linked to breast cancer

Eating a grapefruit quarter every day may increase women's risk of developing breast cancer, research suggests.

Scientists say grapefruit may cause oestrogen concentrations to rise which are themselves implicated in breast cancer risk.

A team from the University of Southern California in the USA studied 1,657 postmenopausal women from five different racial groups.

Women who ate grapefruit every day were 1.3 times more likely to develop breast cancer than those who ate none.

A similar increase was seen in women who used oestrogen therapy.

Breast Cancer Nurse Specialist at Breast Cancer Care Antonia Dean told Nursing in Practice that any research that links diet and breast cancer risk is welcome as women are keen to adjust their lifestyles.

She adds however, that while interesting, the study does not "prove any definitive link between eating grapefruit and breast cancer risk nor isolate it from the potential effects of other food groups or lifestyle factors."

She concludes: "The general health benefits of eating a healthy and well-balanced diet are well established, and the biggest risk factor for breast cancer remains age."

British Journal of Cancer