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Guidance published on disease-related malnutrition

A new practical guide has been launched to assist community healthcare professionals in identifying and managing at risk groups of disease-related malnutrition.  

The guide 'Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community' has been endorsed by organisations including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group (BPNG), the Primary Care Pharmacists Association (PSNC) and the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC)

More than three million people in the UK are at risk of disease-related malnutrition at any one time with the vast majority (93%) living in the community.

At risk groups include those with chronic diseases such as cancer, individuals suffering from dementia, patients with an acute illnesses and those recently discharged from hospital.

The document, which is said to be based on clinical experience and evidence alongside accepted best practice, includes an overview of malnutrition including its clinical consequences, cost implications, details on the prevalence across healthcare settings and information on key patient groups at risk.

“Malnutrition is often overlooked in the community,” says Jackie Eastwood, Chair of the British Pharmaceutical Nutrition Group.

“This document aims to assist all community healthcare professionals in its appropriate monitoring, diagnosis and treatment.”

'Managing Adult Malnutrition in the Community' is available as an interactive website or download for free via