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Half of Brits cannot identify skin cancer indications

Half of Brits would not recognise the signs of skin cancer and a quarter never check their skin for disease, research shows.

A survey by the British Association of Dermatologists revealed one in six are not aware that a mole can be checked for free by a GP, instead most thought they would have to pay for the service.

Some 85% did not realise that skin cancers make up a third of all UK cancers and one in eight did not know that skin cancers are on the rise.

The British Association of Dermatologists mole check guidelines highlight asymmetry, blurred borders, uneven colour and a growth in diameter as the main signs of skin cancer.

President of the British Association of Dermatologists Dr Colin Holden said: “While it is disheartening that there is little understanding about quite how common skin cancer is, what I find of particular concern is that so many people are unaware of certain signs of skin cancer.

“This could pose a huge obstacle to the early detection of skin cancer in these individuals.”

British Association of Dermatologists