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Hartlepool community team wins NiP Respiratory Award

A community team in Hartlepool has won the Nursing in Practice Respiratory Care Award 2009, sponsored by Respiratory Education UK.

The Community Respiratory Assessment and Management Service (CRAMS) was launched on 1 October 2007. The service is employed by North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust within the community services directorate and is based in a primary care centre.

The team consists of Dr Niall Keaney (Respiratory Physician),
Dorothy Wood (BLF Lead Respiratory Nurse), Donna Webb (BLF Respiratory Nurse Specialist), Amy Reay (Respiratory Physiotherapist) and Carol Storm (Administration).

The aim of the service is to provide high-quality care in the community setting and to improve the knowledge and skills base of community staff in relation to respiratory health.

Intended outcomes of the service include an improvement in quality of respiratory services, and improved use of resources, through preventing unnecessary hospital admissions and reducing inappropriate oxygen use.

CRAMS had 2,509 patient contacts in one year. In the first year of operation:
•    172 oxygen assessments were carried out
•    Oxygen was removed from 27 patients
•    For new referrals, 10 needed LTOT but in 86% of cases oxygen wasn't needed.
•    12% of oxygen prescriptions were changed
•    At the end of year one, five patients were being supported with the withdrawal of their oxygen.

Annual patient satisfaction surveys are sent out to patients. In March, the service had a 60% response rate. 75% of patients identified CRAMS as providing excellent care and they were highly satisfied with the service. The remaining 25% identified CRAMS as being very good and good. 100% of respondents would recommend the service to others.

Significant progress has been made by the CRAMS team. The changes which have already occurred are now being viewed within the strategic framework of the local foundation trust and its plans for the future.