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Health checker for pregnant women

Pregnant women will have quick and easy access to advice whenever they need it thanks to a new symptom checker for pregnancy-related problems.

The NHS Direct website features the tool for women who are experiencing symptoms causing concern or that are out of the ordinary.

Some of the symptoms and problems the checker covers include swelling of the hands, legs or feet, nausea/sickness, abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding/discharge.

A pregnant woman who logs on to the site is asked a series of questions. The response will be tailored to the answers given, and can be in the form of self-care advice, so that they can manage their symptoms at home, or it may suggest that further advice is sought from another health provider such as a GP, A&E or their midwife.

A call-back from an NHS Direct nurse advisor is only a click away if a further assessment is recommended, and the caller can choose to remain anonymous for the callback if they wish.

Last year, NHS Direct handled nearly 35,000 calls about pregnancy-related problems.

Tricia Hamilton, NHS Direct Chief Nurse, said: "The reassurance of being able to seek professional, clinically-supported advice on the web from the comfort of their own home is invaluable for mums-to-be."

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"Mum-to-be can already get sensible and up-to-date advice from the NHS Choices website - which is the NHS main website ( NHS Direct seem to be meddling in an area they do not have responsibility for - how much money has been wasted on this - money which should be being used for
the call centres" - Lucy, London