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Health visitor increase should follow midwife boost

A parallel increase in health visiting staff numbers is the "next logical step" following the government's bid to introduce 4,000 extra midwives over the next three years, health union Unite says.

Unite/Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association said if midwives are to be increased due to a rising birth rate, then the next link in the chain - healthvisiting - should also be reinforced.

Unite Head of Health Kevin Coyne said: "The government has recognised the need for more midwives - which is very welcome news - but ministers now need to concentrate on the next logical step which is the employment of many more health visitors."

Unite's campaign for more health visitors to fulfil the government's "family-friendly" agenda has so far fallen on deaf ideas, with NHS workforce statistics revealing one health visitor job is lost every day.


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Is it logical to follow an increase in midwives with an increase in health visitors?
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