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Healthcare at heart of Labour manifesto

The Labour Party's election manifesto includes personalised healthcare as one of the centrepieces, it has been revealed.

Should the party be re-elected next month, patients will get access to healthcare to suit their individual needs, it confirmed.

Under the terms of the healthcare provisions, people suspected of having cancer will get their test results within one week.

Those needing treatment for the disease will start it within 18 weeks, or have the right to go private. The election manifesto revealed that if a patient decides to receive private treatment, the cost will be met by the NHS.

Patients will also gain better access to one-to-one nursing, and treatments such as chemotherapy will be made available in the home rather than at hospital.

And in a further move, the Labour Party revealed it will work with cancer charities, such as Marie Curie Cancer Care, to provide end-of-life care at home should a patient wish.

All people aged 40 and over will get free annual "health MOTs" with their GP, according to the manifesto. It also sets out commitments to more personal care, with the right in law to choose from any provider who meets NHS standards of quality at NHS costs.

More GP surgeries will be open from 8am to 8pm and there will be extra health services on the high street.

The shift to providing care in the community could save the NHS millions of pounds a year - seen as necessary due to the increasingly ageing population and people living longer with diseases like cancer and diabetes.

The manifesto said more treatments like kidney dialysis will be carried out in the community while enhanced services - such as scans and X-rays - will be available from GPs.

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Labour Party Manifesto

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"It sounds good, let's hope it works" - Lincy Godwin, Manchester

"Sounds good and I agree more resources would be needed in the community, but what I am concerned about is the mention of national insurance and tax increasing. As a mature student nurse looking to be employed next year and paying off my student debts I don't envy the idea of paying more taxes" - Jaybird, Chester

"I think this sets a realistic agenda, in my experience as a community nurse most patients do prefer care in their home or local to them. It would also be a cost-effective way to manage care; however, resources need to be put into the community in the form of extra staff etc to make this realistic goal achievable" - Louise Baker, Midlands