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Home carers needed 'urgently'

An additional 1,200 home carers are urgently needed in the UK to close the 'care gap' but research shows there will be 20,000 fewer by the year 2020.

Freedom of Information requests submitted to 67 UK councils show one in five is unable to find a care provider for all requests and must resort to using in-house care to cover it.

Separate analysis on Office of National Statistics (ONS) data found the numer of carers has fallen by 10,000 since 2009.

Prestige Nursing+Care predict that at current rates, the over 65 population will have risen by 1.5 million in seven years, but there will be 20,000 fewer carers.

“The main reason care workers choose their profession is the desire to help people, but the low pay and less demanding alternative options is driving many potential carers away.

Jonathan Bruce, managing director of Prestige Nursing+Care, who commissioned the research, said: “Better pay, better commissioning and a better long term commitment to care must be addressed in order to close the care gap urgently.”