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Improvements in training urged

A new survey has revealed that almost a third of nurses in Scotland have not received mandatory training on controlling infections within the past year.

The annual infection-control training had been given to just 71% of nurses within the past 12 months, according to an ICM poll for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). The survey found that a quarter of nurses are using their own time to undertake such training.

The union is now calling for resources to be directed after the research also revealed that 23% of nurses had to store equipment in areas such as hospital bathrooms.

Theresa Fyffe, director of RCN Scotland, said that it was surprising that more than a quarter of nurses in Scotland had not received their annual mandatory infection-control training given the "constant stream" of announcements from the Scottish government on how to tackle healthcare-associated infections.

"This survey further reveals the dedication of nursing staff to patient safety, with some even undertaking infection-control training in their own time," she added.

"We call on the government to consult with nurses and all healthcare staff so that there is an improved understanding of the difficulties faced by staff on the ground."

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