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Increasing BP linked to diabetes

Experts call for nurses to become more aware of the link between high blood pressure (BP) and diabetes as research shows women with high BP are three times more likely than others to develop the disorder.

A ten-year study of 38,000 women found that increasing blood pressure was linked to an increasing risk of developing diabetes.

Women whose BP rose but remained within the normal range had a 26% increased risk of diabetes while those whose BP progressed to hypertension had a 64% increased risk.

Lead author David Cohen said: “Finding an independent association between blood pressure and new-onset diabetes is important, because it suggests that women with increasing blood pressure levels should have their blood glucose levels monitored.

“Individuals at high risk for cardiovascular disease may benefit from early intervention.”

He concludes: “Our findings provide strong evidence that BP and progression of BP are associated with an increased risk of diabetes. They highlight the fact that cardiovascular risk factors are interrelated and occur in clusters.

“Thus, an important message for physicians and future guidelines is that none of the cardiovascular risk factors should be looked at individually. The combination of all risk factors should be used to make treatment decisions.”

Oxford University Press