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Inspiring others with your success

Behind every great organisation, family or event there is likely to be a great and inspirational leader. Do you believe that? Think of the successful teams or organisations you have known – can you picture the good leaders within them?

Such leaders have an influence that instils confidence in others to succeed and keeps the team buoyant and energised. You remember great leaders - their legacy is the skills developed in others that keep the organisation functioning though they may not be present.   

Nursing in Practice Events, the conference arm of the NiP package, had a great leader. I say "had" because sadly she died very suddenly and unexpectedly just after Easter. Elizabeth Yareham, who we knew as Lizi, was young, vibrant and a true leader. In the NiP blog last week, a colleague described her as the "pocket dynamo" -  she was under five feet tall but full of energy and determination.

She was responsible for the organising and management of the 8 NiP Events that are held every year around the UK. Her death meant she was not present at the last Event in Newcastle on 22 April but her presence was all about as the team she created kept "the show on the road". The delegates joined the NiP team in warm applause for her fantastic organisational skills and attention to detail that gave us a brilliant conference day.

If you have ever been to a NiP Event I'll wager you rated it well, got some good professional updating and left motivated.  Delegate evaluations are overwhelmingly positive and give praise to the venues, speakers, sponsors and the NiP formula.  Lizi's team will keep future Events going with the high standards she demanded. We extend a warm welcome to new and returning delegates.

Lizi was also the inspiration behind the Nursing in Practice Awards that were launched in 2008 – and designed to pay tribute to the profession. NiP wants to reward achievement in clinical practice that has made a difference to patients and enhanced the professional role of nursing. We want nurses to share the practical innovative roles or services you have established or been part of.   

In my experience most nurses are very bashful and don't think they could be considered for or deserve an Award. Well, let the NiP panel of eminent judges make that decision! Why not nominate yourself or others who pioneered an innovative idea and took risks to get it going? Let others learn and be inspired by your vision, hurdles and successes. There are numerous catagories including cardiac, respiratory, sexual health, mental health, diabetes, palliative care and others – as well as a NiP Team of the Year.

Lizi had huge respect for nurses and was delighted to present the Awards to the 2008 winners. In her memory, I urge you to apply – the closing date is 22 May 2009 and application is easy – just click here. The NiP Awards are an ongoing tribute to a great lady – and a great profession.