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Insulin pen recall

A product recall has been issued for faulty insulin pens by the Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

The Owen Mumford insulin pens being recalled include the Autopen Classic 1 unit pen, the Autopen Classic 2 pen, Autopen 24 1 unit pen and Autopen 24 unit 2.

The pens include a fault in which the dose selector reverts to zero, potentially leading to many diabetic patients to receive too little or no insulin at all.

MHRA clinical director of devices Dr Neil McGuire said: “It is vital that people check if they have these affected pens and should obtain an alternative device before stopping using them. People should seek a replacement at the earliest opportunity by contacting Owen Mumford at: or visiting their pharmacist.

“Patients who experience unexpectedly raised blood glucose on self-testing or symptoms of hyperglycaemia, regardless of which insulin delivery device they are using should contact a healthcare professional immediately, if it does not respond to their usual rescue treatment.