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Insulin pill could treat diabetes

Injections to treat diabetes could be a thing of the past and a "diabetes pill" the way forward.

A British research company in collaboration with the University of Cardiff today present results of their insulin pill research at the American Diabetes Association conference.

The findings come after a small trial analyzed treatment options in 16 people with type 2 diabetes.

Currently 700,000 people in the UK take insulin injections, sometimes up to four times a day, to treat their diabetes.

Researchers hope that taking insulin treatment orally could improve patients' quality of life.

Ian Frame, Research Manager at Diabetes UK, said: "This research into oral insulin treatment is interesting. We welcome any advance, which could improve the lives of people with diabetes in the future."

However, he acknowledges that the research is in its "early stages".

He adds: "We would like to see further results of how the medication might affect people with diabetes who are eating a normal diet.

"We would welcome further studies looking at making the medication more efficient and establishing its suitability for use in all insulin users."

Diabetes UK