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Internet helps teenagers' asthma control

Teenagers may find it easier to cope with their asthma if encouraged to use internet and mobile phone management tools, a study suggests.

A study of 97 teenagers with mild-to-moderate persistent asthma who used a designated website to monitor their asthma found it had a range of benefits.

Teenagers could easily access information, use an electronic asthma action plan and react and change their asthma management, in order to improve control.

Experts say their findings highlight the need to target those with poor asthma control with electronic personal asthma action plans.

Asthma UK's Children and Young People's Development Manager Jenny Parry said: "This study provides an interesting insight into ways in which the internet and mobile phones can be used to engage young people with asthma and help them take control of their condition."

She adds, however, that anyone with concerns about their asthma management should alawyas make an appointment with their GP or asthma nurse.

"Our website or young people, Kick Asthma, provides a great deal of information and advice about asthma management, and a message board for them to talk with other young people with asthma," she says.

Asthma UK