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Irish ban cuts smoking in homes

Less people in Ireland are lighting up at home since the 2004 smoking ban, new research reveals.

With just over a week to go until England's smoking ban comes into effect, a survey from Cancer Research UK dispels the belief that smokefree laws will drive more people to smoke at home, putting young children at risk.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, 22% in Ireland said they had placed stronger restrictions on smoking in their home since the ban was introduced.

Only 6% reported smoking more often in the home since the ban and 71% said the new law had not affected their smoking habits at home.

Gerald Hastings at Cancer Research UK said: "This finding echoes the experiences of other countries and places that have gone smokefree. But it also just makes common sense.

"Given that smokers accept it's dangerous and unfair to expose strangers to the poisons in their cigarette smoke, it would be illogical for them to go home and expose their families to the same toxic chemicals."

Jean King at Cancer Research UK added: "These results from Ireland should allay any concerns that the new law will result in smokers in England lighting up more at home.

"Along with the rest of the country, we're counting down the days until 1 July."

Cancer Research UK

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