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A journal that reflects our profession's changing role

Marilyn Eveleigh
Consultant Editor

Nursing in Practice is to be published quarterly and is available without charge to all UK nurses who request it and who work in and around general practice. That covers not only practice nurses and nurse practitioners, but also district and community nurses, health visitors, midwives and those working in nursing homes.

There are, of course, a number of journals already available for nurses working in primary care. They are provided to members of professional organisations or by regular paid subscription to a publisher. Nursing in Practice will supplement this readership and will be widely available to the many primary care nurses who have no access or subscription to a professional journal. Advertising from the pharmaceutical, equipment and service sectors allows our journal to be provided without subscription.

Is there a need for another nursing journal? We think so. Nursing is undergoing significant changes and we need to be aware of what is happening and keep updating our professional skills. The challenges to nursing are tremendous, with high expectations from the public, politicians and the profession itself. Yet the pace and climate of change in general practice nursing services, as well as the increasing clinical knowledge and skills required, can be overwhelming. Practice nurses have pioneered the benefits of independent practice yet their individual patterns of employment may still leave them feeling isolated and vulnerable. Sharing issues is extremely helpful.

Nursing in Practice is designed to be clinically focused, relevant and easy to access. Its range of contents and clinical coverage is broad-based but each individual feature is succinct and to the point. Overall, our aim is to:

  • Identify key issues that have implications for nursing as a profession.
  • Focus on the unique role of nurses working in the general practice setting.
  • Be mindful that around 95% of practice nurses work part-time.
  • Highlight the evolving role of the nurse and GP team.
  • Scan for the impact on nursing of PCTs.
  • Provide clinical knowledge through specialist articles.
  • Share best practice.
  • Support the development and education of primary care nurses.
  • Provide convenient roundups of news and views.
  • Offer practical advice and perspectives on everyday clinical issues.
  • Facilitate links between nurses in primary care.

But should Nursing in Practice do more? We are keen to reflect the wide-ranging needs of all our readers and we positively encourage your feedback and suggestions. Constructive criticism is welcome! Please let us know what you like and don't like about this first edition - and what you would like to see included in future issues. Why not let us have news items from your local nurse forums or councils?

We anticipate an exciting future for nurses working in the world of general practice, and Nursing in Practice intends to actively and vigorously promote and support the profession. We hope you will be a regular reader.

To ensure that you receive your personally addressed complimentary copy of every issue, please complete and return the FREEPOST reader reply card without delay.

PS. If there is no reply card attached, email with details of your name and practice address, or send them to Circulation at Campden Publishing, 1 St John's Square, London EC1M 4PN