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Labelling plan for alcoholic drinks

Bottles of wine, beer and spirits would have to carry alcohol warnings under new government plans, it has emerged.

The labelling would include information about the effects of drinking, how many units were contained and the recommended daily limits, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The logo of Drink Aware, a charity that aims to change drinking habits in the UK, is also planned to feature on the new warnings.

The Department of Health is to publish a consultation to make the labelling mandatory after some drinks companies apparently refused to comply with a voluntary code to introduce labels themselves.

Health secretary, Andy Burnham, said: "We have now received assurances to comply from most of the major manufacturers and retailers. I invite the industry as a whole to deliver on these assurances."

Ian Gilmore, president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: "The code should be mandatory. If the industry is dragging its heels, we cannot wait another three years for them to comply."

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Drink Aware

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"While I think its something that needs to be done as we cannot ignore the ever-mounting drinking problems or the associated costs. I do have to wonder what impact it will really have. While some will of course pay attention to these labels I think that will be a minority. Most of those I know who smoke pay little to no attention to the warnings on cigarette packaging. Some even swap their packs with others to get a warning they "want". Bearing that in mind do we really expect people to pay that much attention to these labels? We need more education and awareness for younger people to try and get the message across and halt the developing drink culture and to teach the younger generation to be more aware of
alcohol and their own health" - Karen, London