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Lansley faces no confidence vote

Nurses are to vote on an emergency motion of no confidence in Health Secretary Andrew Lansley.

As the minister meets with 60 nurses for a Q&A session as part of the government's 'listening exercise' on the controversial NHS reforms, angry nurses will vote on whether they believe he is up to the job and his ability to carry out the changes.

It comes after Mr Lansley declined an invitation to give a speech at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) conference in Liverpool.

The government has come under repeated attack over the Health and Social Care Bill and is now using a 'pause' in the passage of the legislation to listen to concerns.

Julian Newell, an A&E nurse from Sheffield, told the conference: "I think it's a shame Andrew Lansley does not have the guts to come up and face congress as a whole tomorrow.

"I'm not sure it's the right thing to say we'll have a selected group of small people to meet with him.

"I would rather us say, if you can't face congress as a whole then we don't want to meet with him."

Another nurse, Tom Bolger, said: "Mr Lansley's refusal to join us in the main hall should not count in his mind as him having listened to the nurses.

"Listen to nurses in our congress, not in a closet somewhere else."

Health minister, Anne Milton, delivered a speech to the conference and said later she thought Mr Lansley did "have the guts" to speak to all delegates.

"I'm sure he's got the guts to talk to all of them, I'm sure he'd be very happy to talk to all of them, I think it's probably just fitting it into conference."

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