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Less complaints against family health services

Written complaints against community health services are the lowest ever since the millennium, figures from the Information Centre reveal.

An Information Centre report has found that complaints against family health services have decreased by 2% from 43,349 in 2005-06 to 42,592 in 2006-07.

The highest proportion of complaints concerned clinical treatment, followed by staff attitudes, outpatient appointments and delays and cancellations.

Tim Staughan, acting chief executive of the Information Centre, said: "Today's report shows that overall, fewer formal written complaints are being received.

"However, there are still some areas where complaints are on the increase and nearly a quarter of all complaints are not resolved within the time limits set by the government.

"Locally, NHS organisations can use the information to help plan and improve their services and nationally, the data helps monitor patients satisfaction across the NHS."

Information Centre

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"I think you guys are out of touch with reality. 42,000 is still a lot considering it only dropped 1000 at most. I think the trust between nurses and the general public is not so great, especially regarding new parents. Nurses can be rude and pushy and make sharp comments to new mothers and fathers. I couldn't believe the comments I heard while being attended to in  hospital. They thought they could say whatever they like. Ironically some of these nurses aren't even parents but claim to know so much. Unless you are a parent you really can't compare textbook analysis. Working with kids and having a kid are two very different things. Parents need encouragement and support, not nurses with notepads making false accusations and assumptions from their textbook studies. Unless they learn to really listen to parents the gap is only going to grow. The cold hard accusations can be hurtful and I am personally disgusted that they have so much power to report whatever they think with no boundary and cause so much harm to a family, that is why I'm writing this letter. I believe they should be questioned or supervised when filing reports to ensure their facts are correct instead of parents being unknowingly judged" - Name and address supplied