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Lifesaving art hits the heart of London

"Silent at Heart", an emotive new art exhibition, which opened on Monday at The Air Gallery in Mayfair, is helping to raise awareness of a tragic cardiac condition known as sudden cardiac death, which claims the lives of at least eight young people every week in the UK, by showcasing a range of pioneering works reflecting the heartbreak felt by many young patients and their families.

"Silent at Heart" includes the commissioned artworks produced by five professional artists and 30 art, design and media A-Level students as part of an innovative arts and biomedicine project. This impressive exhibition of 40 artworks gives visitors a unique insight into the medical investigations designed to identify those at risk of sudden cardiac death.

"Silent at Heart" is the brainchild of the Brazilian born artist and curator Mauricio Vincenzi, whose father died of sudden cardiac death at the age of 32. Mauricio now leads this innovative project from the Beckenham-based South East London Cardiac Network.

Financed by an award from the Wellcome Trust, the project has developed over the last six months with a focus on the symptoms and risk factors associated with these rare conditions.

The objective of "Silent at Heart" has been to produce awareness-raising materials (including short films, a website, interactive game and CD-ROM) aimed at young people and primary care professionals, highlighting the fact that those with family history of sudden cardiac death at a young age (under 35 years old) and specific symptoms should be encouraged to seek further assessment.

The exhibition is open until 15 September.

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