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Liver damage testing kit unveiled

A new kit has been launched that will allow drinkers who have concerns over the state of their liver to test themselves at home.

The LiverCheck test measures levels of two enzymes in the blood produced when alcohol damages liver cells, and the manufacturer claims the device will give users an idea of whether they are drinking too much.

Consumers will be able to buy a kit for £99, which includes instructions on how to take a blood sample, which is then posted to a laboratory for testing.

The results are sent back within 15 days and show drinking danger levels on a colour-coded scale.

Those whose levels are shown as dark amber or red will be warned that they need to  drastically reduce the amount of alcohol they drink - or stop entirely.

Dr Peter Horlock, from manufacturer Yorktest, said the kit will help diagnose problem drinkers.

He added: "This test is aimed at the worried well who are thinking about their lifestyle and health.

"They might already be doing something to harm their livers and they can get an idea of how their liver is doing.

"Then they can take action if they need to moderate their drinking habits."


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