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Local authorities ditching pensioner homecare

UK councils are increasingly restricting eligibility and hiking up the price of pensioner homecare, a report shows.

The charity Counsel and Care found that a further 15% of local authorities have restricted their elderly homecare schemes in the past year.

The health union Unison say authorities are contributing to a false economy, as the NHS will pick up a potentially larger bill at the end of the day.

Unison National Officer for Social Care Helga Pile said: "Treating our elderly and most frail in such an indecent manner is a scandal.

"Good homecare allows our elderly to live at home in dignity as well as providing a vital early warning system that often stops health problems and suffering getting worse."

Figures show that elderly homecare services have reduced by more than a third in the past 15 years, despite England's increasingly aging population.

Homecarer Christine Wade commented: "It is heartless and shortsighted to ration these services to our elderly.

"Many of our clients would not be able to stay in their own homes without our help."

The Unison "Save our Homecare Services" campaign is calling on councils to stop rationing homecare services and lower the costs.


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"Of course, its a scandal - why not reduce MPs salaries?"- Chris Potter, District Nurse, Leicester