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Low GI foods induce weight loss

Eating a low glycaemic index diet is best for promoting weight loss, say scientists.

Cochrane researchers pooled together six controlled trials which ran for 5 weeks up to 6 months involving 202 participants.

Those who ate low glycaemic index diets lost a kilogram more of weight than those on a similar but high glycaemic index diet.

Low glycaemic foods such as lentils release energy slowly into the body while high index foods like white bread release a sudden rush of sugar.

Lead author Diana Thomas says: "Low glycaemic index diets appear to be particularly effective for people who are obese.

"It may be easier to adhere to a low glycaemic index diet than a conventional weight loss diet, since there is less need to restrict the intake of food so long as the carbohydrates consumed have a low glycaemic index."

The article was published in the Cochrane Library.

Cochrane Collaboration

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"Yes, I've tried the 'unhealthy' Atkins diet , it worked and it's very low GI. One is allowed as much as they like to eat as long as it's low GI. Even eating fry-ups for breakfast every day means you do not put on weight" - Name and address supplied

"After reading the recent research I would definitely consider recommending a low GI index diet for someone to lose weight" - Nichola Mistry, Leicester

"I have already done this with a patient who had struggled with most other ways of trying to lose weight. He had an active job and found that a low GI diet was ideal for him and for the first time he lost weight without feeling hungry and losing his energy levels. He has also maintained his weight loss and has continued using the principals of the diet as a new healthy eating plan" - Name and address supplied