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Lung conditions cause 10% of deaths

Lung conditions cause 10% of deaths in Europe, a new report has revealed. 

Although overall smoking levels have dropped, counties with high levels of tobacco use such as the UK and Denmark, still have high mortality from respiratory diseases. 

According to the European Respiratory Society (ERS) the total health and societal cost per case of lung cancer in Europe is over £303,000 (€360,000). 

And because cases of COPD (£5175) and asthma (£6260) are so common they cost even more in the long run. 

ERS president Professor Francesco Blasi said: “Although asthma causes few deaths, it is an important cause of disability. There are no well-formed projections of the future burden of asthma, but [it] is likely to remain a major burden on European societies for decades to come.

“Both the prevention and treatment of lung diseases will need to be improved if their impact on longevity, quality of life and economic burden on society are to be reduced in Europe and worldwide.”