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Majority of people are vitamin D deficient

Two thirds of people are “severely lacking” in vitamin D, research suggests.

The findings claim nine out of ten people are at risk of “a range of debilitating symptoms” brought on by a vitamin D deficiency.

It is claimed, of those diagnosed as being “severely deficient”, most (71%) do not take any form of supplement, which is said to highlight a “clear link” between deficiency and supplementation.

“Our findings further confirm what we have long suspected, that our nation is far more deficient in vitamin D than we would care to admit,” said Andrew Thomas, Founder and Managing Director at BetterYou - the company that carried out the research.

“Almost 90% of the 168 people interviewed provided either the “classic symptoms” of advanced vitamin D deficiency or listed multiple lifestyle conditions, which would predispose them to be deficient. These include a combination of having darker skin pigmentation, spending daylight hours indoors and excessive use of UV sun cream.”

Other findings shows 77% of those surveyed spend much of their day indoors.

Furthermore, almost half of those surveyed also said they regularly suffer with low energy levels and 47% and 40% experienced regular aches and pains in their bones and joints - both are said to be “key symptoms” of deficiency.