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Make Scotland's roads safer - reduce the drink driving limit

BMA Scotland has called on Scotland's politicians to increase pressure on the UK Government to reduce drink driving limits from 80mg/100ml to 50mg, a move that could prevent as many as 65 deaths on the UK's roads every year.

The calls came as the BMA launched its annual Christmas card campaign, delivering its message on the dangers of drink driving to MSPs, (Scottish) MPs and Scottish Government ministers.

Launching the campaign, Dr Sally Winning, a member of the BMA's Scottish Council, said: "Drink driving continues to be a hazard on Scotland's roads. In 2005, 30 people were killed and there were 660 drink driving related accidents involving 990 casualties .

"Our message is clear. Lives could be saved simply by reducing the drink driving limit. There is evidence that driving is impaired with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level over 50mg/100ml and it is estimated that around 65 lives could be saved in the UK by lowering the drink drive limit.

"Legislating to reduce the drink drive limit is a matter reserved to Westminster and they have been stalling on this issue for nearly 10 years. That is why the BMA is calling on MSPs and the Scottish Government to exert more pressure on the UK Government to take action now and reduce the limit from 80 to 50mg. This will bring us into line with nearly every other country in Europe.

"Although it is the season to be merry, it is also a time to be sensible. Enjoy the Festive Season but don't drink and drive."