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Map reveals health conditions across UK

Variations in the incidence of health conditions across England and Wales have been revealed in a map. 

Created by researchers, the map allows people to enter a postcode and find the community's risk of developing 14 conditions such as heart disease and lung cancer. 

The map indicates and area's health risk compared to the average. 

Data was collected from the Office of National Statistics and from cancer registries between 1985 and 2009 by Imperial College London across 8,800 wards. 

The data was adjusted for age, deprivation and to take into account small numbers. 

Dr Anna Hansell, from the UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit, led the research.

She told the BBC: "We tried to present this so people do not jump to the wrong conclusions. The new thing about it is you can go right down to neighbourhood level - beforehand it has been at a broader scale."

The map is available to view online