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Marilyn Eveleigh: Joy to the world

Marilyn Eveleigh has only praise and thanks for the latest Cardiff Nursing in Practice Event

You know what it's like when you feel contented, all seems well in the world and you are grateful for those you know and love? Well, that's how I feel as I write this page   

Actually, I'm on a train speeding through the sunny, green countryside on my way home from the Cardiff Nursing in Practice Event, where I acted as chairperson.

My mood is only elevated by the fact that the train was on time, I secured a seat facing in the "direction of travel", there's a spare seat beside me and there are no antisocial distractions.  

Today I met 12 very different speakers, but all were experts in their field, and both eloquent and passionate about their speciality.

I am always grateful for speakers that give us their time and relieved when they arrive with time to spare - as they did today. Not that it's a disaster to be left to our own devices. Once, in Birmingham, a speaker on nurse and supplementary prescribing was ill and couldn't attend at the last minute. But over 400 nurses in the auditorium shared their experiences, voiced opinions and asked pertinent questions, and we ended up with an impromptu interactive session with some great learning. A belated "thank you" to all those who were there that day who made a success out of a disappointment.   

Yes, the speakers all turned up today but as is common, some bring an "updated" version of their presentation that needs to be loaded by the IT team at the last minute. Again, experience saves the day. The IT people took it all in their stride, screened the speakers' messages and made microphones work. Thank you guys.

The 55 exhibitors did not disappoint either. Company sponsorship means delegates attend our events free. Some delegates got a £5 cash travel subsidy for booking early - they were the ones with big smiley faces! The exhibitors were generous with their practical, free supports. These ranged from diabetic check kits, food portion measuring cups and sterile wipes to sphygmonometers, stethoscopes and the usual sticky labels and pens.

Delegates left with bags of equipment for their professional practice and posed a challenge to the Welsh public transport service! Seriously, nurses and exhibitors repeatedly report how much they value the leisurely opportunity to discuss products and patients needs. To all our sponsors - thank you.

Stimulating debate is the backbone of a successful conference. I love the buzz when a comment or question from the audience brings a different slant on a key issue. Welsh nurses did not hold back today - from pensions to NRT, teenage sex to fever management, they had something to say! Thank you delegates for your enthusiasm and willingness to make the day so stimulating and rewarding.

Yet none of this would be possible without the Events organising team. They plan the whole package, sort the venue, refreshments, signs and programmes, as well as set up stalls, attract exhibitors, coordinate speakers and manage me - and then dismantle the whole lot when we are long gone. They are the unsung backroom heroes - and on your behalf, I extend my thanks to them and their aching backs.

We were successful in getting Welsh nurse nominations for the NIP Advisory Panel - so that makes it a great day for me.  

Were you there today? What was your perspective? My biggest regret is being unable talk to as many nurses as I'd like - so let's use this blog to get some feedback. The Nursing in Practice team would love to hear from you.

Oh! First Great Western, a London taxi and the Gatwick Express also deserve some thanks for getting me home. You see, I'm still in that contented mood.

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