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Mass chickenpox vaccinations mulled

The government has confirmed it is investigating whether children should be vaccinated against chickenpox.

The Department of Health has appointed advisers to look at whether a universal programme of chickenpox vaccines is necessary.

A group of scientists has been tasked with examining the case for the move, on the recommendation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

A Department of Health spokesman said: "The JCVI requested that we set up a sub-group to look into the issues of vaccinating against chicken pox.

"This work is at a very early stage. The JCVI considers a wide variety of issues around vaccination and immunisation.

"Any recommendation to make a change to the programme is only put forward after a lengthy and thorough consideration of all the evidence."

Chickenpox vaccination is a regular occurrence in the US, but experts have previously said more work needs to be done to examine if such a drive is beneficial.

There is also concern among some health professionals that mass vaccinations against the disease could cause millions of cases of shingles in adults.

A vaccine against chickenpox was licensed in the UK in 2002, but it has never been part of routine childhood vaccinations and is not currently recommended for standard use.

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