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Measles cases reach 765 in Wales

Close to 80 people have been hospitalised since the start of the Swansea measles outbreak, with more than 70 confirmed cases reported last week. 

Vaccinations are being offered in the area on an unprecedented scale, as Public Health Wales (PHW) urges parents to work with health professionals to try to end the outbreak. 

The measles virus continued to circulate among school children over the holiday and PHW has concerns it could spread further now that children have returned to school. 

Around 2,500 people were vaccinated over the weekend at specialised clinics and an estimated 2,000 school pupils will be vaccinated in school this week. 

The Royal College of Nurses (RCN) has praised the “tireless” work of nurses who have helped to provide vaccinations during the epidemic. 

“As usual, nurses have shown dedication and have been working beyond the call of duty to help out,” said Martin Semple, RCN Wales' associate director. 

“Nurses are particularly skilled at working in partnership with communities and networking locally across different agencies, helping the community to address challenges,” he added. 

The total number of confirmed cases in Swansea is 765.