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Men encouraged to talk to pharmacists

Men with long-term health conditions are being encouraged to visit their local pharmacy for practical help and advice.

The drive is part of Men's Health Week Initiative (11 - 17 June) and stresses the fact that patients do not always know who to turn to with their health problems.

Men are less likely than women to visit a doctor or engage with other healthcare services.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society says its services are free and no appointment is needed.

They add that not only are pharmacies easily accessible on most high streets but pharmacists are also experts in medicine.

Most pharmacies now have confidential consultation areas where men can discuss personal health concerns without the worry of being overheard.

Community pharmacists say they can offer help with sexual health, nutritional and dietary advice, minor sports injuries, mental health issues and smoking cessation.

A spokesperson for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society said: "It is very important that men know they can visit their local pharmacy at any time for health advice and help.

"All the medical professions such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are working in partnership to deliver better care for patients with long-term conditions and this is set to continue."

Men's Health Week

Royal Pharmaceutical Society