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Men failing to visit GP, says study

More than a fifth of men (21%) have not seen a healthcare professional in the last year, according to an online survey.

The study by also revealed that 2% admit they have never seen one, with the men reluctant despite 66% having parents or grandparents who have suffered from cancer, stroke or heart disease.

Only 14% were happy to see a doctor if necessary and a third said they would only go to their GP if encouraged by their partner or if they really had to.

In addition, 6% would not consult a doctor if they experienced chest pain, 26% if they sweated profusely, 9% blood in urine or semen, 14% blurred vision and 9% breathlessness. Only 65% would definitely consult a doctor for chest pain, 25% profuse sweating, 82% blood in urine/semen, 48% blurred vision, and 55% breathlessness.

Nearly half (44%) had not had their blood pressure checked in the last year. Of those who had, more than a third (35%) discovered some issue, with 26% needing additional monitoring and 9% further investigations. More than half (58%) had not had their cholesterol checked in a year, and 30% had never had it checked.

The survey was conducted from March 1-9. The 1,010 respondents were men over 18.

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"Ensure all GPs accept non-urgent appointments" - Rich Crowe, Devon

"My understanding was the DH were looking at provision of health checks for all males over 40 as a screening tool. This work could be carried out by public health nurses practice nurses and GPs. We need to consider how we as healthcare professionals engage with men to promote positive health
and target inequalities in health" - Suzanne Joyce, North Tyneside

"Some of us men don't even have a GP, not seen one in twenty years. One thing put me off more than anything else and that I wasn't listened to and just offered an open ended sick note.
I'm also deeply sceptical about the qualifications and quality of some GPs and feel not enough is done to strike off bad doctors" - Paul, Leeds